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Wheat Field


  • Mario helped me to understand my feelings were normal and understood my challenges. There's no simple fix, and I appreciated that. I look forward to more productive conversations. 5/19/23

  • Mario is a very good counselor who listens and understands my situation and issues. He provides good support and ideas/recommendations to direct my healing and recovery. 4/13/23

  • The few times I met with Mario were very helpful. His calm voice and patient demeanor was like a light in the darkness. Im sorry I cant continue with him. 1/15/23

  • Mario helped me so much. I am grateful beyond words. Thank you for all you have helped me through. 1/12/23

  • He is a great listener helps me a lot in a difficult moment. He gives great advice I recommend him 100%.

  • Mario is an asset for our marriage. We were completely lost with how to even begin communicating with one another. Mario provided us with excellent tools and a starting footprint to us becoming comfortable with communicating difficult subjects. We like his calming presence and we like that he works with us both equally. 12/8/22 

  • Great therapist. I wish the sessions were longer. S.Y  11/19/22

  • Mario is respectful and polite, and after each session, I feel like he has truly listened to me and helped me create a plan of action for the week ahead. T.I  10/27/22

  • Mario is respectful and polite, and after each session, I feel like he has truly listened to me and helped me create a plan of action for the week ahead. K.L  10/20/22

  • Mr. Arias is very patient and genuine when he addresses my issues and concerns. B.L  9/22/22

  • Had two sessions with Mr. Arias and I am so far enjoying it! He actively listens and ask me questions that really makes me think about myself. Enjoying my process with him! Z.E  9/21/22

  • Mario es muy paciente y tiene mucha experiencia en el rubro. Muy buena experiencia y terapia con él. M.H  9/10/22

  • Very knowledgeable, respectful and fair. Unfortunately we only had one session for unforeseen circumstances but we recommend him. N.K  7/30/22

  • It feels really good and with many intentions to continue getting better at fixing your relationship after you speak to the therapist. Thank you Mario. C.E 7/18/22

  • Mario is a very nice and caring individual. He was easy to talk to and we got a lot accomplished. Thank you Mario! D.G  7/15/22

  • Mario is a genuine, empathetic person. We have felt extremely comfortable sharing our concerns and obstacles, knowing Mario would offer validation, professional insight and strategies for improvement. Mario is very knowledgeable, caring and responsive. We have gained a lot of strong insights into ourselves and relationship through sessions with Mario and we would strongly recommend him to any who is in need of healing. T.O 5/20/22

  • I would definitely recommend Mario to anybody going through a hard time. I went into therapy when I was dealing with multiple difficult situations, and he helped me so much to sort through my problems. He not only suggested ways to work through them, but made sure that I learned the skills and tools needed in order to work through them without him. He is easy to talk and joke with and it always feels comfortable with him. I never felt like he was passing judgement on me and always felt as though he was reassuring me that there wasn’t anything “wrong” with me, and I could tell that he only wanted the best for me. I give him a 10/10!   S.A 4/26/22

  • Mario is a fantastic therapist. He listens to us, seeks to understand our perspective and offers relevant options to address our concerns / issues. He always responds to emails and messages in a timely manner. Never late to a meeting and highly respectful of our time. We are extremely thankful to have Mario as our therapist. T.I 3/29/22

  • He is on the side of the relationship not either spouse. He listens. He has given us as a couple exercises that have triggered good conversations. He brings a faith component to the process that is important to my husband and me. C.I 3/20/22

  • My time with Mario has been very productive. E.L 12/25/21

  • Mario listens and retains the information. He makes me feel very comfortable when talking with him and not like I am just another patient. I look forward to our sessions together and would highly recommend him. B.R. 12/21/21

  • We both really like Mario! He see's both sides of things and knows what he is doing! Overall a great experience! Thank you. M.I. 11/17/21

  • Mario has shown me a compassionate way to challenge my thoughts and beliefs.E.S. 11/01/21

  • Mario has a peaceful and understanding personality. He's very professional and mature and has helped me how to make myself a better person. J.A 10/31/21

  • Mario really eased me into the sessions gently and sensitively which for me being new to therapy was highly important. K.A 9/27/21

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