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Mario Arias

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (FL, NC, NJ, NY, MT, MO, TX)

Life challenges are many, times change rapidly, and at times one feels unprepared. Do you need someone to talk to?

We can explore, discuss and attempt to find healthy options. Whether you are experiencing mental health symptoms, transitioning to a new life phase, experiencing relationship difficulties, or need substance misuse counseling. 

I want to help!

Looking for faith-based counseling? you aren't alone.

In need of clinical supervision? Let's talk! 

Fragile Pampas

Areas of Expertise

Stress, Anxiety, Substance Misuse, Trauma and Abuse, Self-Esteem, Depression and Clinical Supervision.

Struggling with Mental Health symptoms and/or Substance Misuse? Tired of being sick and tired? Feeling alone and misunderstood? Feeling off but can't figure it out? Let's talk, let me understand. I can provide a nonjudgmental, safe space where you can share your concerns, needs, and wants. Don't give up, you are worth it. 


Struggling in your relationships? I help couples rebuild and improve   communication to strengthen their relationship. Relationships are full of challenges, I can help. 

In need of clinical supervision? I posses over 13 years of managerial and clinical experience overseeing different types of social service programs, as well as managing teams ranging from 5 - 80 employees, successfully meeting program goals.


Contact Me

I offer 45 and 60 minute telehealth video or phone session in the comfort of your space. Please click on "Book Now" to schedule your free consultation. You have nothing to lose, give therapy a try!   

Let us find the inner self that desires healing, love, sanity, and courage to enjoy life at it's fullest!

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